Wood Species



Alder is a medium density hardwood that is uniform in color and grain. Alder is often chosen for its color stability. Rustic grade is an option and would allow for large knots, cracks, voids and color variation.


Cherry is naturally colorful from white to red and even a deep, rich brown. Cherry naturally darkens over time.


Maple is a uniform-grained hardwood that has occasional patters of bird's eyes, and curly grain.

Painted Maple

Painted maple is a uniform-grained hardwood that has a solid appearance.


Hickory is a dense, heavy wood with dramatic coloring, from white to brown and any combination may appear in a door. The wood has characteristic depressions, mineral streaks and random knots that are naturally occurring.


Oak is a very strong wood that ranges in color from salmon pink to white. Wild grain veins are a characteristic of the wood.

Other Species

Other Species are available such as Bamboo, Zebrawood, Birch etc.