Mette's Advantage Custom Cabinetry Cabinet Care Guidelines


Mette's Cabinet Corner uses the most durable and attractive finishes available on the market today. Catalyzed conversion varnish topcoats provide an easy care surface that protects your cabinetry from normal wear, as well as household chemicals and moisture.

When installation is complete, wipe your Custom Cabinets with a soft, clean, damp cloth and dry immediately.

Regular cleaning should be done using only a clean cloth dampened with clean water. Again, the cabinets should be dried thoroughly immediately after wiping with the damp cloth.

For oil, grease, or a general film build-up, it may be necessary to add a mild detergent soap, such as Dawn dishwashing soap or a similar product to the clean water before using the water to wipe down the cabinets with a soft cloth, Again, dry the cabinets immediately after wiping them down.

NOTE: Excess moisture is harmful to any finish. Be sure to attend to any water spills or excess moisture immediately. Should water penetrate to the raw edges of door panels, etc., warping or splitting of panels may occur and this damage will not be covered by warranty.

CAUTION: Relative humidity must be CONTROLLED WITHIN A RANGE OF 40% TO 50%. Wood will only change shape and size as a result of changes in the moisture content of the wood itself. Extreme moisture variations that result in humidity levels outside of the tolerable range listed above can cause panel shrinking, splitting, or even joint separation. As with any warranty for wood products, the warranty for your Custom Cabinetry will only remain in effect for cabinets that are kept in a climate-controlled environment and subject to the guidelines concerning humidity above.

Waxing your cabinets is optional, but please AVOID any products that contain silicone, which will penetrate the finish of your cabinets and may cause irreparable damage.

AVOID using any citrus products on your new cabinets for the first three months, as damage may occur.

Please enjoy your new Custom Cabinets.